Made in Moon

We are a small community in the moon. We live close to the stars and their closeness inspires us with ideas encouraging visions of the future. Curiosity. The power of knowledge. Positive thinking. Personal touch. We believe this to be the beginning of all small and great discoveries. Design is our path where the soaring visions create new reality. This is thrilling. The satellites passing by remind us of the beings elsewhere, who seek for communication, just like we do. In order to create together. Therefore, we send out this signal to communicate the message about us......................................

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Q & A

Who is /Made in Moon/?
We are a brand new team of designers who share the philosophy of the brand we created for ourselves. Positive thinking, individual approach and a distant view from the /Moon/ are all our shared values.

Who are 'we'?
Kriste, Marius and Aidas three professional designers. We started out as graphic designers but, having been encouraged by the attention and awards received for our work in conceptual design, we created the /Made in Moon/ concept for project and cooperation in other design areas.

What are our aims?
The main task of our group is to foster exchanges of innovative ideas and their application for design purposes. We are open to cooperation with people from other creative fields who would find our ideas interesting and worth further exploration in creating new design concepts.

What do we do?
Visual communication is our main field of work. The most recent, selected projects are included in our catalogue which also reflects the esthetical criterial for our new brand.


made in mo°n

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